Logotype and Signatures

A logotype is a logo composed of text. In our case, it is the word "Rutgers." The Rutgers logotype is the primary element of the Rutgers Visual Identity System and must appear on all Rutgers communications. It may not be modified in any way. Using the logotype alone is the preferred way to represent the university. It is available in different electronic formats appropriate to your usage needs at the Download Zone. The Rutgers logotype may not be attached to any typographic or graphic element other than those described on this site.
Rutgers Logotype

Two types of secondary elements may be added to the Rutgers logotype:

  • A typographic element called a signature: state university, chancellor-level, unit, or clinical name
  • A graphic element: the Rutgers shield

Logotype with Signature

When greater definition is needed, an approved signature line (small text under the Rutgers logotype) can be added to the logotype. This will fall into one of the following categories:

Logotype with the State University Signature

Logotype with the State University Signature

Logotype with a Chancellor-Level Signature
Logotype with a Chancellor level Signature

Logotype with a School, College, or Unit Signature
Logotype with signature of School of Engineering

Logotype with a Clinical Practice Signature

Logotype with a Cancer Institute of NJ Signature

Obtaining and Using the Logotype and Signatures

Do not attempt to make any of these signatures. The state university, chancellor-level, school/college, and clinical signatures are available at the Download Zone. Unit signatures are available upon request by contacting the visual identity project manager. Signatures may not be altered in any way.