• Business Cards for Legacy UMDNJ Units

    Legacy UMDNJ units may order business cards from Dupli Envelope & Graphics through MarketPlace. The Dupli punch-out is listed under Office & Computers, Furniture, Books. For all other stationery items, contact the visual identity project manager.

  • A Strong Visual Identity Strengthens Rutgers

    The visual identity system, approved in 2006, provides standards for using Rutgers' marks and signatures in all university communications, marketing initiatives, and university-authorized products. Key requirements of the system:

    • The official logotype, signatures, and marks in the visual identity system are the ONLY sanctioned marks for use across the university.
    • No other marks or symbols may be used or created in conjunction with or to replace the official Rutgers identity.
    • The logotype, signatures, and marks replace all other logos and marks at Rutgers.
    • All university units must use the Rutgers name and the unified visual identity system.

    By following these standards, you will help Rutgers present a clear and consistent identity, help your unit identify itself with the university, and help present a coherent image of Rutgers to our audiences.

    Key elements of the identity system include:

    The Rutgers logotype

    Rutgers Logotype
    The Rutgers logotype with signature

    Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
    An informal university seal


    The popular "Block R" symbol for school spirit

    Spirit Mark

    Need help using these elements in your communications? Refer to Guidelines for Use or contact the visual identity project manager.