In order to have some uniformity in the look of the university webpages, the identity standards below should be followed. Every university webpage, including blog pages, must adhere to the University Web Policy.

Logotype Placement

The Rutgers logotype must appear, with or without the shield or a signature, in the top left corner on all Rutgers webpages, including blogs.

Copyright in Footer

The full university copyright,  must appear in the footer of every webpage:

Copyright ©2017, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution. All rights reserved.

Logotype Size and Clear Space Requirements

The minimum size of the Rutgers logotype is 120 pixels wide, with a 20-pixels wide border of clear space around the logotype.

Rutgers logotype with state signature and clear space

The minimum width of the logotype with signature is 150 pixels wide, with a 28-pixels wide border of clear space around the logotype.

Rutgers logotype with state signature and clear space

Logotype Color

The Rutgers logotype may only appear in red (Pantone® 186), white, or black.

Web Banner Color Themes

Predesigned web banner color themes created by Creative Services are available, upon request, to Rutgers units in order to apply the minimum identity standards easily. While not mandatory, their use contributes to a cohesive visual appearance for the university as a whole. They include the Rutgers logotype, a unit or department name to the right of the logotype, and an informal seal watermark in the background. Contact the visual identity project manager to request your banner.

Note: These elements may not be resized or altered unless approved by the visual identity project manager.

Available Website Elements

In addition to the logotypes and signatures, two favicons are available to download. A favicon (short for "favorite icon") is a custom graphic associated with a webpage or website that appears next to the web address in the URL window of a browser.

Two favicons may be downloaded for use on a Rutgers website.

Use of either favicon is optional.