Newly installed exterior signage at Rutgers locations across the state may be the most visible indication of the new era at Rutgers that began on July 1, 2013. The changes to more than 1,000 signs are the first phase in a long-term universitywide comprehensive environmental graphic design strategy that revisits the way in which Rutgers moves people between, around, and through locations and incorporates growth and environmental consciousness—for example, promoting pedestrian and bicycle-friendly initiatives.

The new signage system also extends the institutional brand and reinforces the concept of creating a unified Rutgers. The second phase of the project encompasses directional and interior signage.

Full signage standards are managed by University Facilities and Capital Planning and will be released after the implementation of the new signage system. Learn more about the fees for exterior or interior signage. For more information, download the Universitywide Wayfinding and Signage Manual.

Vehicle Signage

The illustrations below show the appropriate display of the Rutgers logotype with a unit signature on a vehicle. The Rutgers logotype with or without a signature should be centered on the front driver and passenger side doors. The Rutgers logotype alone should be on the back bumper or panel. Acceptable color treatments for unit signatures on vehicles are all Pantone® 186 (red), all black, or Pantone® 186 (red). For information or requests related to branding university vehicles, contact Dave Haines at or 848-445-6760.