The identity standards for printed communications are listed below. The files you will need to meet these requirements are available at the Download Zone. If you need a file not offered at the Download Zone, or if you need further assistance, contact the visual identity project manager.

Appropriate Rutgers Name

The minimum visual identity requirement for all communications on behalf of Rutgers is to use the Rutgers logotype as well as the appropriate Rutgers name (i.e., Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; Rutgers University–New Brunswick; Rutgers University–Newark; Rutgers University–Camden; Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences) in text. Several ways to satisfy this requirement include using the Rutgers logotype and:

  • using the appropriate Rutgers name in your opening text;
  • using the appropriate Rutgers name in a displayed address;
  • using the appropriate Rutgers signature.

Logotype Placement

The Rutgers logotype must appear, with or without a signature, on the front of all printed communications. The preferred placement is in the upper-left corner on the front cover/panel. However, placement anywhere on the front cover/panel that is appropriate to the design is acceptable.

Logotype Color

The Rutgers logotype may only appear in red (Pantone® 186), white, or black. The preferred color for a signature (small text underneath the logotype) is gray (Pantone® 431), but it may also appear in red (Pantone® 186), black, or white.

Size Requirements

The minimum size of the Rutgers logotype is 1 inch wide. The minimum size of the logotype, with signature, is 1.25 inches wide. The minimum size of the shield when locked up with the Rutgers logotype is .5 inch wide.

print requirements sample

Clear Space Requirements

A prescribed amount of clear space around the logo should be maintained at all times. No other type or graphic element may appear within the prescribed clear space.

space requirements

The unit of measure is a square equal to the height from the baseline to the top of the initial "R" in the logotype. The light blue area represents the amount of space that must be maintained between the logotype and any other element including the edge of the page.

Working with Outside Vendors

When working with an outside vendor, you must follow the guidelines above and adhere to the Terms of Use. If you need further assistance, contact the visual identity project manager.