Design approval is required from the Office of Trademark Licensing on all Rutgers-branded items, including promotional and fundraising items. Anyone wishing to use Rutgers’ name, the Rutgers logotype with or without a signature, or other Rutgers marks including the shield or intercollegiate athletics marks on merchandise must first contact Trademark Licensing (848-932-0586 or 0558).

In addition, in order to protect the Rutgers name and reputation and to avoid liability issues, it is university policy that all Rutgers-branded merchandise must be obtained from a vendor who has entered into a trademark license agreement with the university. A list of licensed vendors may be obtained from Trademark Licensing.

Alumni groups should channel their requests through the Department of Alumni Relations (848-932-2296).

Expanded Use of the Spirit Mark on Merchandise

With approval from the Office of Creative Services, the spirit mark (Block R) may be locked up with an academic discipline designation and appropriate service, outreach, or research group for use exclusively on spirit merchandise, such as hats, shirts, and mugs.

When the spirit mark is locked up with a discipline, service, outreach, or research group designation, the combination must follow the design standard established for the lockup. The designation must be typeset in the approved font, positioned below the mark, and centered.

The discipline or service group designation may not include acronyms or additional graphics.

Note: When placed on a background, the white fill remains white. It may not be replaced by the background color.

The spirit mark lockups are created by the Office of Creative Services. To request a spirit mark lockup, contact the visual identity project manager.

expanded spirit mark samples