University Seals

Official University Seal

The official university seal has very limited use, primarily on official university documents, such as contracts, deeds, and academic diplomas. It may also be used on commencement-related items, such as academic diplomas, program certificates, as well as convocation and diploma covers.

Rutgers Official University Seal

Obtaining and Using the Official Seal

The official university seal may be used, with authorization, as a design element on certain ceremonial communications, such as formal invitations. All such uses require prior approval from the Office of the Vice President for University Communications and Marketing.

Unacceptable Use

The official university seal is a stand-alone mark of the university and may not be combined with the Rutgers logotype.

Informal Seal

With the introduction of the Rutgers shield, the university's informal seal has been retired. Existing material that uses the informal seal may still be used during this transition time. As you prepare to order new print materials, banners, promotional items, etc., please use the shield or one of the other appropriate university marks in the design. Do not use the informal seal in new communications for any purpose. For assistance, please contact the visual identity project manager.

informal seal