Terms of Use

Permission is granted solely to university units, faculty, staff, and student groups for the use of the Rutgers Visual Identity System. No other permission to use university marks is granted. The Rutgers logos are federally protected trademarks. The university reserves all rights therein. No university trademark may be used on any product, merchandise, or any externally produced material without permission. When producing promotional products, apparel, banners, or table throws with any of the university's trademarks, you must use a licensed vendor. For questions regarding the use of the logo by non-Rutgers parties, contact the Office of Trademark Licensing.

Special Requests

Use of the Rutgers logotype/signatures, university seal, spirit mark, shield, and other athletics marks on merchandise requires prior approval from the Office of Trademark Licensing.

The individual unit signatures are designed for special purposes and are available by request from the visual identity project manager.

Individual alumni are not permitted to use the university's marks. Alumni groups may use the Rutgers Visual Identity System, including the Rutgers "Block R" spirit mark, with the approval of the Department of University Communications and Marketing, upon recommendation by the Department of Alumni Relations. Contact the Alumni Relations Communications Office (848-932-2296).