Spirit Mark

The Rutgers spirit mark (Block R) is an informal, bold, and energetic representation of Rutgers. It suggests pride and affinity.
spirit mark

The spirit mark is separate and distinct from the more formal Rutgers logotype and signature system. It is less academically oriented than the Rutgers logotype and is therefore not universally appropriate. However, it does have myriad applications. 

The spirit mark may be defined as the emblem for strong, emotive support given to Rutgers by students, alumni, and all those associated with Rutgers. The spirit mark may be used:

  1. in informal contexts, such as: athletics, alumni materials, school spirit activities, recruiting events, and on apparel and promotional items;
  2. as a graphic within academic departments to promote spirit and social events, as well as in recruitment and on various promotional materials.

The spirit mark may not be used:

  1. for official Rutgers communications, such as: official notification letters of admission, letters for hire, contracts, and grant proposals;
  2. as a lockup with the Rutgers logotype and signature system, nor may a new lockup or signature be created using the Block R;
  3. for formal business purposes.

The spirit mark may only be reproduced in red (Pantone® 186) or white; with or without a black, white, or red (Pantone® 186) outline. The spirit mark may never be reproduced in black.

You may request permission to use the spirit mark by contacting Trademark Licensing (848-445-1921 or 1951).

For athletics marks, see the Athletics Marks webpage.

Expanded Use of the Spirit Mark on Merchandise

With approval from the Office of Creative Services, the spirit mark (Block R) may be locked up with an academic discipline designation and appropriate service, outreach, or research group for use exclusively on spirit merchandise, such as hats, shirts, and mugs. The spirit mark lockups are created by Creative Services only. To request a spirit mark lockup contact, the visual identity project manager.

Obtaining and Using the Rutgers Spirit Mark

The spirit mark may not be used in conjunction with or in place of the Rutgers logotype. Its use on stationery is limited to Rutgers intercollegiate athletics.

Anyone wishing to use these marks must first request permission from the Office of Trademark Licensing. Alumni groups should channel their requests through Alumni Relations Communication Office.

Acceptable Treatments of the Rutgers Spirit Mark

Spirit Marks
Note: Boxes represent background. They are not part of the logo.

Colors of the Rutgers Spirit Mark

The spirit mark may only be reproduced in:

  • Red (Pantone® 186)
  • White

The outline of the spirit mark may only be reproduced in:

  • Red (Pantone® 186)
  • Black
  • White

Unacceptable Color Treatments Rutgers Spirit Mark

Unacceptable Spirit Marks

1. Do not use any solid color other than red or white to reproduce the "R."
2. Do not use any other color, except red, black or white, to outline the "R."
3-4. Do not place a double outline in any other color than black and white. The outline should only be black on the outside and white on the inside (see example above).
5. Do not put any text, designs, or symbols inside the "R."
6. Do not place text or a graphic over the "R."
7. Do not change the font or size of the text for the academic discipline, service, outreach, or research group.