School, College, or Unit Signature

The name of major units within Rutgers, such as colleges, schools, research centers, and large administrative offices, can be added to the Rutgers logotype as a unit signature. In all cases, the formal, approved name of the unit must be used.

The creation of unit signatures must adhere to the following parameters.

  • Creative Services is the only authorized university office to create and manage unit signatures. Unit signatures are created at the discretion of the Vice President for University Communications and Marketing.
  • Signatures will only include the full, approved, formal name of the unit.
  • Signatures will only include words, no symbols (e.g., &, @, #, etc.) are permitted.

Schools and Colleges

Rutgers University College Camden School of Environmental and Biological Sciences School of Health Related Professions

Research Centers and Specialized Units

New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station Center for Global Education

Administrative Offices

Office of Research and Economic Development Office of Information Technology

Obtaining and Using the Logotypes and Signatures

Signatures for schools and colleges are available at the Download Zone. Unit signatures for research centers, specialized units, and administrative offices are available by contacting the visual identity project manager. A new signature request is subject to the approval of the school dean or unit vice president. Do not attempt to make a signature for your unit. Signatures may only be created and distributed by Creative Services and may not be altered in any way.

Using the logotype alone is the preferred visual representation for the university. In situations where the logo needs to communicate the unit's name more fully, use the signature of the largest umbrella unit (such as their school or college).

For units whose name formally includes the name of a location (for example, University Collegeā€“Camden), the location designation is preceded by a vertical rule unless the vertical rule falls at the end of the line, in which case it is deleted. In text, such units will continue to use a closed en dash preceding the locationĀ identifier in their name, as illustrated in the previous sentence.