Rutgers Shield

Introduced in celebration of Rutgers' 250th anniversary in 2016, the new shield—a simplified interpretation of its 1966 Rutgers bicentennial predecessor—honors our roots and affirms our values, while providing greater flexibility when used as 21st-century iconography in pageantry, publishing, and promotion. Learn about the symbolism in the Rutgers shield.

Rutgers Shield

Two types of elements may be added to the Rutgers shield:

The shield lockup may also be added to an existing administrative unit signature upon request. Creative Services is the only unit that can create these files. Contact the visual identity project manager to request the shield locked up with your unit's signature.

Obtaining and Using the Rutgers Shield

The shield or the shield with one of the lockups mentioned above are available at the Download Zone. These marks may not be altered in any way. Contact the visual identity project manager with questions.