The Formata BQ and ITC Giovanni font families have been chosen as the primary typefaces for university communications—printed, digital, and web. The fonts are available for both Mac and Windows platforms.

The two typefaces allow for flexibility and creative expression in text and display. The font families below have been purchased by Creative Services for use by Rutgers employees. You do not need these typefaces installed on your computer in order to use the Rutgers logotype and signatures. These will be provided in a variety of ready-to-place graphic file formats. Contact the visual identity project manager to request these fonts.

Formata font
Giovanni font

Should you want to purchase these typefaces independently, they are available for both Windows and Mac platforms and may be purchased from—among others—the following sources:

Substitute Fonts

While Formata BQ and ITC Giovanni are the primary and preferred typefaces for university communications, you are not required to use these two fonts.

Arial is the recommended substitute for Formata BQ and is the preferred font for websites. Arial is provided prepackaged on virtually all word processing systems.

Palatino is the recommended substitute for ITC Giovanni. Palatino is a classic and highly readable serif typeface that is also prepackaged on all word processing systems.

Desktop Letterhead Templates

Desktop letterhead with the Rutgers logotype is the only letterhead available using Formata BQ and Arial. To use the Formata version of the desktop letterhead, you will need the font installed on your computer.