FAQ—Using the Visual Identity on Merchandise

How does licensing a vendor benefit the university?

In addition to protecting the university from product liability, the use of licensed vendors helps to ensure that the Rutgers name is not used improperly, or on unsafe products, such as knives and flammable items. Furthermore, licensed vendors are required to join the Fair Labor Association, which monitors overseas factories.

Why is liability a concern when distributing promotional items and giveaways?

In the event that a product with the Rutgers name or logo causes damage or injury, Rutgers could be held responsible. The trademark licensing agreement that is signed by licensed vendors helps to protect the university by transferring product liability back to the vendor. Moreover, licensed vendors are required to carry product liability insurance. Please review the list of prohibited items and designs before choosing a product for your promotion.

Why do I need to be concerned with Rutgers’ trademarks when buying T-shirts, mugs, and other promotional items?

In order to protect the Rutgers name and avoid liability issues, all items with Rutgers’ trademarks, from a pen with the words "Go Rutgers" to a T-shirt with the name of a Rutgers student club, must be purchased from a company that is authorized to sell merchandise with the Rutgers name. Please review the list of licensed vendors before making your purchase.

Can I use the official Rutgers seal for my promotion?

No. The university seal has a very limited use on official university documents, such as contracts and deeds. It may also be used on commencement related items, such as academic diplomas, program certificates, as well as convocation and diploma covers. Permission is required to use the seal on any product. Contact the Office of Trademark Licensing for more information.

Can I use the university identity system marks on promotional products?

Yes, but please contact the Office of Trademark Licensing for guidance on the proper use and placement of the marks.

Can I use the spirit mark (Block R) on promotional products?

With approval from the Office of Creative Services, the spirit mark (Block R) may be locked up with an academic discipline designation and appropriate service, outreach, or research group for use exclusively on spirit merchandise, such as hats, shirts, and mugs. Learn more about the spirit mark.

Who do I contact for further assistance?

For further assistance, contact the Office of Trademark Licensing. We'd be happy to help you.