FAQ—Using the Identity on the Web

What is the minimum requirement for incorporating the identity in my website?

The minimum identity requirement for a university website is to place the Rutgers logotype in the top left corner of the live content area on every webpage. Note that with the exception of navigation, content is not permitted in the immediate vicinity of the logotype. See the Rutgers Visual Identity Manual (Section 2.0) for detailed information on surrounding space restrictions.

What other elements should my website include?

Every university webpage should contain the following items:

  • Search Link
    Each site's main webpage should include a link to "Search Rutgers" at search.rutgers.edu.
  • Location and/or Universitywide Homepage Links
    Each site's main webpage should have an easily identifiable link to their location and/or the universitywide homepage at rutgers.edu.
  • Webpage Footer
    The full university copyright,  must appear in the footer of every webpage:

    Copyright ©2016, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution. All rights reserved.

What are the logotype size requirements for the web?

The minimum size of the Rutgers logotype is 120 pixels wide, with a 20-pixels wide border of clear space around the logotype.

The minimum size of the logotype with signature is 150 pixels wide, with a 28-pixels wide border of clear space around the logotype. For more information, see the web standards.

Are there resources available to help me update my website?

Yes. A number of resources are available to create and maintain your website.

Whom do I contact if I have a question?

Contact the visual identity project manager.