FAQ—How the Identity Affects You/Your Department

How will this initiative benefit my unit/department?

Helping people better understand who we are and what we do benefits the entire Rutgers community. Every communication from Rutgers—from correspondence to brochures, newsletters, reports, magazines, books, websites, slide shows, exhibits, event invitations, posters, forms and applications, building and vehicle signs, apparel, gift items, and other memorabilia—is an opportunity to convey a positive message that ultimately contributes to people's long-lasting attitudes and opinions about the university.

These opinions influence action—whether attracting outstanding students and faculty, providing funding for a specific program or project, or building pride among alumni—that can strengthen the reputation and visibility of Rutgers.

How does the Rutgers Visual Identity System affect faculty and staff?

Every member of the university community plays an important role in preserving and maintaining the integrity of the Rutgers name and reputation. All academic and administrative units have the responsibility to ensure the proper use of the Rutgers name and the identity system, which serves as the building block for all university communications, by adhering to the established policies and guidelines.

How does the Rutgers Visual Identity System affect students and student groups?

Students and student groups may maintain their current logos or use the Rutgers Visual Identity System, including the spirit mark, provided they adhere to the guidelines included in the Rutgers Visual Identity Manual.

Will schools, administrative units, or centers that already have established logos, icons, and images be able to continue to use them?

No, the Rutgers Visual Identity System replaces all logos that are still in use. Departments may not use previously created logos, and they may not create new logos. Contact the visual identity project manager to request a signature or for assistance.

Can units choose not to use the identity?

No. The Rutgers Visual Identity System was developed for use by all university units. It provides cohesion and structure that is intended to link each unit directly with the Rutgers name, which research has shown is our strongest asset. Using the system allows Rutgers to clearly and consistently present its many units as integral parts of one strong whole and enhances the university's ability to recruit faculty, students, and staff; generate revenue; garner grants; engage alumni; and attract external support.

How can I order stationery for my department?

Anyone wishing to order business cards, letterhead, or other stationery products should do so from the university's preferred vendor—Dupli Envelope & Graphics. You will need access to the RIAS system, or ask your business manager for help. Additionally, legacy UMDNJ units may also order stationery items from Dupli by going to the MarketPlace. The Dupli punch-out is listed under Office & Computers, Furniture, Books. For assistance with your order, contact Maria Homer at 800-724-2477, ext. 7252 or mhomer@duplionline.com.

Whom do I contact if I have a question?

Contact the visual identity project manager.