Elements of the System

A core element of any visual identity system is the logo. A logo is a unique graphic symbol, display of a name, or a combination of both that is used to represent a product, company, organization, or entity. At Rutgers, we have developed a logotype, signatures, and marks to represent our brand. The Rutgers Visual Identity System is comprised of the following elements:

RU Logotype Logotype – This is the primary element of the visual identity system.
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Logotype with Signature – Used in situations when the logo needs to communicate the university's name or unit more fully.
Rutgers Health Signatures – Used by clinical practice units whose primary purpose is to provide patient care.

Rutgers Shield

Rutgers Shield – The Rutgers shield is a fundamental expression of the university's identity.

ofiicial Rutgers seal

University Seal – The university's official seal is reserved for use on official university documents.

Spirit Mark

Spirit Mark – An informal, bold, and energetic representation of Rutgers. The spirit mark may not be used in conjunction with or in place of the Rutgers logotype. Its use on stationery is limited to Rutgers intercollegiate athletics.

Note: Permission to use the spirit mark must be given by the Office of Trademark Licensing.

Rutgers Newark

Athletics Marks – Athletic logos are available for New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden.

Note: Permission to use the athletic marks must be given by the Office of Trademark Licensing.

University Flag

University Flag – The official Rutgers flag is to be flown at the entranceways of university buildings or at special, officially sanctioned university events, such as commencement.

Formata BQ/ITC Giovanni

Fonts – The Formata BQ and Giovanni fonts—to be used in the Rutgers Visual Identity System—are available by contacting the visual identity project manager.

Red Color Chip
Pantone® 186

Colors – The primary colors for the Rutgers Visual Identity System are given.

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Appropriate Rutgers Name - The appropriate Rutgers name must appear somewhere on all Rutgers communications.