The Rutgers logotype may only be reproduced in red, black, or white. The signature text (words below the Rutgers logotype) can appear in red, black, gray, or white. Please do not make your own marks. All core graphics are available at the Download Zone with the color variations.

Primary Colors

The primary colors for the Rutgers Visual Identity System are Pantone® 186, Pantone® 431, and black. Graphics are available in different color variations to accommodate one-color, two-color, three-color, and four-color printing.

Pantone Matching System
Four-Color Process
Web/Video Usage
  PANTONE® 186 C0 M100 Y81 K4 R204 G0 B51
HTML# cc0033
  PANTONE® 431 C11 M0 Y0 K64 R95 G106 B114
HTML# 5f6a72
  Black BLACK: K100 R0 G0 B0
HTML# 000000

For two-color printing, use 70% black instead of PANTONE® 431.

Supplemental Colors

A supplementary set of colors has been selected to complement the primary color palette. Refer to the Rutgers Visual Identity Manual (Section 3.0) for detailed information on this color palette.