FAQ—How do I Order Stationery Items

How do I order stationery items such as business cards, letterhead, envelopes, etc. for my department?

Departments wishing to purchase stationery may do so electronically through the RIAS Exchange website. If you do not have access to this site, you will need to contact your business manager for assistance.

Legacy UMDNH units may order stationery items from Dupli through MarketPlace. The Dupli punch-out is listed under Office & Computers, Furniture, Books.

If you have questions regarding the ordering of stationery items from Dupli, contact Maria Homer at 800-724-2477, ext. 7252 or mhomer@duplionline.com.

I am a student, may I order business cards?

Students and student groups wishing to order business cards may review the instructions and contact Dupli with questions.